Food, cross-stitch, and American Eskimo dogs.

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no time to hit MAC. Makeup forever pencil with clear gloss over.

so that's what I did with it. Got all the stuff at michaels. It makes me happy.


Getting my crafty mc crafts a lot on, and hopefully knocking out a wedding gift in the process!

kinda like this one, all hogging the bed and crap? haha

Mildred the lunch lady /cc:

Mildred the lunch lady /cc:

Full length costume shot

obvious targeted ad fail on more than one count. good job, google!

This is going to be the end of me. I was supposed to stop after my last order, apparently our waitress had other ideas.

Apparently it's cool to paint on people's side mirrors with purple nail polish at price rite. #rage

Someone is REALLY excited about the Hanson that is playing on the jukebox right now. cc:

This enrages me. It’d be one thing if it were old and decrepit, but this sweater was worn ONCE previously.