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I like the new paying in slips at HSBC, because when there are no pennies it looks like it says "poo"

making Christmas cards for my family. Here's jolly, autophagic Santa pig.

Been watching Gravity Falls, and doodled the characters so I can pretend it's a constructive activity

This week's Star Cat is a tale of ABJECT TERROR:

Out for a walk in Greenwich. Local parking can be a real sod.

watching expendables - can't tell if it's a terrible action film or a brilliant and unsettling art house film.

a new Star Cat story starts in the phoenix this week - maybe the most bizarre one so far


look what came in the post: a book wot I wrote!

this guy on the train had the best face for drawing I've ever seen. could draw it all day

the suspects...

doodling while I watch detective shows...

my mouth is watering in anticipation

and for all you ambigram fans, here's today's ambigram

and for all you ambigram fans, here's today's ambigram

I'd like to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine

there is a setting on our office microwave that I am scared to use.

my copy of issue zero of the arrived! it looks brilliant!

m&m world

Look what arrived at my desk this morning...

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