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Hipster Interwebs bon vivant- Always eating & laughing. Usually behind a penalty box or with @HamiltonFry, Jack Batman & Molly Maeby. Music & soy sauce devotee.

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Day 2 of missing "The True North" calling and not leaving a message. Well played TO- well played.

Dang. When Canada calls and you don't answer, the "True North" never leaves a message...

Got to work through the snow to an empty office. Plus side, finally using the best birthday gift ever! Thanks !

Coming back from a nice relaxing weekend, checking FB & see my Rush Limbaugh friend watched the Super Bowl. #smh

And we have a winner for best wine label I've seen in a long time:

Smile! It's terriblness outside, but smile! :D Givers- Up Up Up http://open.spotify.com/track/3QnLSwpsMgFRBhswQ0Kv4u

Passed a guy with 3 Phoenix Coyotes stickers on his Prius. He could possibly be my best friend here in SA!

Found the receipt too:

San Antonio, TX at 1604 and Blanco. Here's a screen shot of the app:

LULZ- Coinye Coin!

Can't believe that sent me expired products- unacceptable! Only regret was in excitement, opened 1. :(

Mmmm... can't wait to cook a couple if these tasty eggs for dinner! #nomnomnom

Meeting friends at Chili's. My phone had other plans...

Awww- with the heart and all! My Android made it all pretty with 3 hearts:

The things I do for friends... Let's just say we're lucky it's not on fire.

. & I at & 's Christmahannukwanzstivus! :D Best party ever!

Trying to tame my hair & put on make-up so I don't scare 's Christmahannukwanzstivus party guests &

. Cuties! But already has a following (wanted to attend #SocialU) & loves the treats!

It's #GivingTuesday so I brought some board games to donate to my work's toy drive to benefit Christus & SAMC in SA! :D

So is sick and might be the biggest drama queen we've all ever known: