Artist - Living in Brighton, amongst the freaks and the geeks, finding myself somewhere betwixt the two and making art about it.

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Exciting News: The Arts Council have awarded us an R&D grant for The Conscious Machine 3.1...

Experience it at #BDF12

today's playpark art.

sand cat:

it's a long time since i've been genuinely mesmerised by a painting - i saw this last week and it's still haunting me:

yay! higgs boson (or at least something that looks like it) perhaps it looks like this?

i made this for #giraffesummer

i added a little nietzsche to the albert pub:

the booth museum in #brighton don't want you to steal their horns:

from the toilets - viral advertising for where to drink next? #brighton #powerofsuggestion

i made an animated gif about the life of the artist. #art #gif #rainyday

was wondering why my email was running slow, turns out i have 1.29m email messages buried in there...


I'm in an art show which opens on Valentine's day. I painted this: come to the PV tomorrow:

just finishing up a painting for a valentine's day art show. it's called "take my heart (take my whole life too)"

your dual identities in my timeline look like before-and-after photos of a crazed time traveller:

Yay, Higgs boson found! (maybe), let's celebrate by looking at this painting of Higgs I made ages ago:

i have just created satan's own PNG

this is what we're doing tomorrow night, please come along and be processed #brighton #whitenight

3 #offbeige paintings: 'introduction', 'negotiation' and 'execution'

3 #offbeige paintings: 'introduction', 'negotiation' and 'execution'

3 #offbeige paintings: 'introduction', 'negotiation' and 'execution'