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Safe to say, Twinkies are back. Haha

. Div II 5th place

Meatball sliders FTW!!!

I think I like making lists for the satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks. Bring on the crazy week ahead! =P

After that loss, this is what I come home to? *barf*

Cooling off with at the stadium! #letsgobows cc:

The cure for anything? Playing with this monster. =)

Sunday afternoon lesson with Ms. Seki. Haha.

the guy presenting about games today is wearing a BoSox shirt!

Yay! Flown in from Seattle Pro Shop! #alwayscompete

tonight on Inside Edition. Haha. What are the odds? Tim still got it! #Big

I really don’t think people need to sample this. And they don’t card. #drinkingatKmart

I really don’t think people need to sample this stuff. #jackandcokeatKmart

Saturday morning work. And I’m missing the UW game for this! #its4thekids

Another manic Monday. Is it the weekend yet? =P

AGAIN, proofread please.

TYPO! Burddah?!? #HawaiiFB

This having everyone sit on the same sideline thing is weird. The boys are so far away. Don’t like it.

Wolfpack sporting new pants! Tonight is a MUST WIN! cc:

Lemon ice & Hawaiian vanilla!