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24. i love my man. dont mistake me for someone who cares. i give no fucks. i hate team followback.

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": "Everyday I'm Snufflin"-Snuffleupagus" oh cool I have that shirt too ¶:]

(Its on my right foot....shhhhh)

": Sleeping on the top of a jellyfish for eternity"

her hand can be your birthday candle. Happybirthday?

": Photoshop my face to a fawns body and let's call it realism" :-) just.....layin around.

": Make eye contact with my fingertips"

BEST TARTLET EVER! #YUMCITY my dad r00lz. ... ... oh ooh #youdontcare. It's ok. I understand. But still.... TARTLETOMG

Just cos.

just for you. Because fuck it why not.

": I love a good glockenspiel!" :-)

This makes me ALMOSTalmost get wet..... thnx cocacola products & müller ;-)

And a lil late but some Halloween nails. Thnx Google.

Oh the things I could do.... more paper eyelashes.

Obsessed with: paper eyelashes.

And let there be.......FROZENPIZZA and ICECREAM.

My aunt n uncles restaurant :'( #thechickenortheegg #lbi #madlove #sadsauce PS NOT MY PICS OF LBI. Sepfor the lights.

thankya! Wegood although I'm worrying bout soda and other ppl have to worry bout...#reallifeshit poor #lbi

One of these lights was not like the others. :)

Obviously not taken today (thanks#sandy) but here's something that made me smile. :]

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