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Hook 'em!!!

The perfect place to go to
say farewell to Texas.

Austin upon entering downtown: "Oh my gosh, I'm in love with this city!".

We just watched our new Venus Flytrap capture two crickets. What a great family pasttime!

It's that time again. Today I wasn't quite as ready to do it myself. Two holes now...both bleeding. Oops.

My cats are going nuts over the sounds!

Here's Joe's Crab Shack downtown Nashville just today. : (

I am so sad for our new hometown. Nashville is going to be cleaning up for some time. Opryland Hotel, anyone?

One last pic from last night because it is SO ridiculous...this is the crowd of locals. Notice pink boot boy...

And there was music too. But mostly miles of campers and BBQ pits. Like a redneck Woodstock.

The setup. Playing the Astros then the Rangers (who cares) but cool nontheless.

On site because it's a given that these crazy rednecks will get hurt. Nice crew!

Oh I know! I took a picture of mine at the doctor. Loved it!

Right there with you guys! (Look Paul, I admitted it!).

Miller Lite promo. Once beer (in a coozie cause who can really drink Miller Lite???).

Coors Light promo in West Texas...ugly scenery, but fun and free beer!

Loom what I found! My class picture! I'm at the top left.

I saw one today and had never seen one. It's so fancy! Is it new??

My friend from next door joining me for coffee this morning. He's shy.

Sitting in the backyard enjoying the sounds and sights of nature. It's beautiful here.