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#stripes skirt, #spots on shoes. #alwaysclash #intentional

Yes. You reminded me of this photo though...

Love driving home and seeing the #cokesign on my way... Very much a *sigh* am nearly home moment...

Friend over last night. Forgot to have dessert... I guess I have to eat it all. #yum #gelato

Friend over last night but for got have dessert. I guess I'll have to eat all of it... #yum #gelato

Oh awesome. Clutch has died. At the bottom of an F off driveway. Don't really think NRMA can fit down here.

I know we're about wine here. But zucchini flowers are my favourite. #delicious #upsidedownphoto #spitbucket

#want. Photo taken outside apparently. FB friend was there for bday at #Grazing

happy to deliver today/tomorrow. Not sure how long they last though...

My brother is awesome. Makes me laugh. I probably shouldn't tweet his private text but don't think he'd mind.

Apparently I need a butler to get my jumper dry cleaned ...

My mum's so cute. She reads the paper when she visits me and circles places I should go in #Sydney

every time I visit I take a 1kg slab of this... That is 10x10x5" and another 5x5x5" left over.

This contributed to me nearly missing my flight today. #delicious leftover #weddingcake

Sister gave me shirt she's not worn, needs cufflinks. Might buy myself these #pencils or measuring tape ones. #OT

For those who don't know - sister's 'maid' of honour (actually matron) was not a nice person. And turns out stupid

For those who don't know story. Sister's matron of honour was a bitch. And apparently can't spell. Or

What happens when you wear dress that's too long and get too lazy to hold it up by end of night. #rip #idiotme