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What I do when I can't hear someone -->

Getting rid of shit once again, and just found all this Angelina/Brad/Jen madness from 2006.

This is the BEST pic I've seen in a long time. Mary-Kate Olsen w/ her BF & his daughter.

Contacts on my phone -->

I am SO stealing that baby someday.


This is where I stand.

That's what's up.

I've had this iPod for 7 years. Still works. And I still use it. PS. My phones & laptops die after a year.

What parents think when you don't answer the phone -->

I've started buying some of these recently (but only because buys them too)

I was reading a mag. on the plane & immediately thought of when I saw this.

I may or may not have just gotten diagnosed with diabetes.

How do you control your cravings if you work here?

#Twitter cc

I had to buy this..... I'm a loser.

Let this Japanese food enter my soul and live forever.

Gotta love spring in NYC.

Can you eat any healthier than this? I don't think so! #Dinner