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mels in wayland. Biggest breakfast ever

Loving the comfort of christmas. Happy holiday cheer to everyone, especially those with exams left.

Oh hey Nicholas! Fancy seeing you at midnight breakfast!

Lighting the menorah in DG! So magical! Thinking of you Daddy :)

Trendy menorah caseys mom sent! Can't wait to light the menorah tmrw with fellow dgs!!

For those of you who have seen HP7, you'll understand my reference when I say my bag is bottomless

Seeeerious badonk at the airport. I'm impressed. #ilikebigbutts

Full moon out tonight. Where's a sexy werewolf for me? #jacobblack

Just a casual snooze in Starbucks, nbd.

Just some cupcakes for parents weekend #DG

Just in my Austrian dirndle. We're going out and she will be called "Helga"

Just a little nudity at sigma chi/pikapp/not even sure. Hehehe...

wearing leggings tucked into argyle socks. And slippers. Throwing off pnms like woah! #elfish

Found the actual pizza movers. OBvi had to have a jumbo slice..