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18 January 12th's the day! Senior. Taft High. Track Follow meeee

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Can I ____ you? 

I get to drive my baby today

My owwy haha

Gotta get pumped right? #ProjectX I can watch this 10000 times and not get tired of it #Paartaayyy


Pretty sure we all feel like this sometimes...

Everytime I go to a motha fucking field party i get hurt #neverfails #partyhard lol

Somebody pretty please buy me one???

This!!!!!! (:

Bullshit haha it means she fucking care #babye (;

Look at me being all healthy and shit (:

I can find everything so much easier this way



Hell yeah!

Pretty sure this wasn't set up....

": woody dies now!!"Nooope Mika protects him now...she's watching you

Jealousy makes the sweetest people do such horrible things:(

My bitch bad my bitch hood my bitch do shit that your bitch wish she could

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