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Father, Programmer, Photographer, and Space Nut. Moodle programmer at Oakland University.

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The Red Bull cars and girls have arrived. #rbcreation #fb

Taking a dinner break. Only 62 hours left #fb

Almost go time #rbcreation

Oddly, #rbcreation has seen for to give every team what looks like a sex swing. Clearly they know something we don't...

Makin' a cerial bowl out of a Gatorade bottle... we win already. #rbcreation

The #rbcreation bike rack.

Apparently they leave the set of Law & Order up, even when nit.filming. how nice of them.

Film shoot, No Parking! #rbcreation

The city has parked an unoccupied cop car on our street to try and slow people down.

There is a trailer here at Michigan Challenge BalloonFest.

Yay, my license plate finally arrived!

The new driveway is open for business #fb

Liz is making sure the ChronoTune doesn't fly away... #rbcreation

Our first concrete pour is done. 10.5cyd of concrete. #fb

The FastMac U-Socket is no longer vapor-ware! And it's a decent price. #fb

Both SRB Recovery ships, with an SRB in the middle #STS134

The Endeavourerer SRBs coming back in from the ocean.

Liberty Star with the second SRB

Forgot my cell phone in the car, but here is a picture of a picture of the first #STS134 SRB coming in.

Rocket makers. #fb #STS134