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Not pictured: me accepting Uncle Of The Year Award for bringing a screener of FROZEN.

My thoughts on DUCK DYNASTY.

Some thought-provoking HOBBIT discussions taking place over at Rotten Tomatoes.

And yes, I've been looking at my aunt's wiener husband's Facebook page again.

At SXSW 2007 my fat stupid face wound up next to Paul Rudd's for a second. This is one of my worst pics. Enjoy!

Oh hey everyone, I found the problem!

New Ambien email from Mom tonight!

I just know this is going to be me someday.

I see they're still doing a great job monitoring the Rotten Tomatoes message boards. OFF TOPIC, BIEBS!

On a scale of 1-10, how douchetastic is this Twitter bio?

Get out of here with how cute my nephew is when he watches TV with his pals!

Thanks for 25 years of merriment! A friend made this for me, and I've always treasured it. #mst3k

Found this picture of some dog shaming I had to do.

Every. Single. Screening. It's like they're inviting you to an exclusive reception at the White House.

.: when you repeat this claim, you should mention that the MPAA makes exceptions to this "rule" ALL THE TIME.

You know what image you ALWAYS see in those lists? This one.

Is this ad saying what I think it's saying? That wiping your butt is easier when you eat Rice Krispies?

haha "top critic" lol

Thought about keeping this look, but only for a minute.

Here I am as an old-timey bare-knuckles boxer.