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Forgive, don't forget

distraught waiting for a txt

Tulips, those Johnny-come-latelys of spring bulbs... fuck 'em

Fuck your typographic map


"It landed this way." -

now playing

Amazing sunset out my window right now. Looks unnatural.

Breakfast pizza

6:05am ()


Toasted diabetes

Watching Tree Tickler knock down some 3s

I really hope never picks up my favorite growing pile of discarded Christmas trees. Or any pile.

The best crap category beer I've ever had. (From Minnesota, transported across state lines by )

Where's the fackin Dunkin Donuts? #CelticsInDC

Nothing says 2012 like Abbey Road on vinyl

Ironically hanging artwork in advance of a party featuring a disco ball, a smoke machine, and dubstep. #SoAlt

The delicacy Quatre Fou