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Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere -Carl Sagan

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Mentioned this to some Pals earlier but, I'm really going to miss all of OSX's nice textures :(

And I just realized many of my new followers don’t know who Willow is. She’s my Studio mate.

Accountability time. And to help me keep track of things, here’s my list. #LetsDoThis

My motivational status keeping To-Do Clear App list.

So this is what happens after the Avengers? Really?

Why?! I mean.. I just don't… Why?

Reason why should reconsider continual support for Twitter Mac app. LISTEN TO THE USERS: WE LOVE TWITTER MAC!

Taking a cue of inspiration from with Favorite thing I've inked today

My now sucky brush Vs. your better brush in Ps.

Batman iPad desktop.

Did this a long time ago. I was trying to draw myself in cartoon but didn't work out as this looks nothing like me.

Hmm. How about this?

Dear Captain Obvious. Could it be possible that just maybe, just maybe your Mac is NOT infected?!!

Regarding a Virus scanning app for Mac, I just read this review which… Umm… well, just see for yourself.

Is this how you did it?

Wait. What? When the hell did this happen? Oh shame on you Google. I KNEW you can not be trusted!

My reply to a Pal's heartfelt and wicked strong crit of my work.

I don't like criticizing other's work but man, the current Mac app Twitter icon is just so 1990's

Go to iCloud and hit the little broadcast icon shown here. You'll get these options. Easy as pie :)

OK. I couldn't resist. Here's a preview of one of the pages!