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I am who i am. Nobody can change that. Always and forever will i be a P.O.M.E (product of my enviroment)

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Yo this guy look like a one guy I know at BC

think she look cute with this Wack ass Mohawk

spotted ballin in the RPAC with his sweat shirt on short shorts I think washis teammate

So I was on facebook today yea I kno smh but this USPA thing is getting out of hand. Its even on facebook.

We have a code blue juvenile offender what are the parents teaching these kids.

Why is she wearing my bathroom rug to class. Smh so people have no shame

Christmas at the schott

Wow lace fronts got they own bus line look out greyhound!!!! Lacefronts coming up in the world.

why do I stumble into classes that are not mines.

No they don't have pockets on shoes now. Only in Columbus

I got mines do you got yours

I had to get the fade you know lol

Topic of discussion at the barbershop cougars. If the man you talk to was night in high school when you are there's a problem.

Why they made me get Elmo number SMH they trying to set me up for L.

For all you big boned people smart water is looking out for y'all.

before you started playin ball at OSU

12-2 with the win I'm a beast.

I have had more Knicks and bruises at Osu then I have ever had in my life man it's reAl over here.

My class is three big. The teacher gotta use a microphone to address the class. SMDH.

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