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Running SDL on my phone.

  • 1135 days ago via site
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Intersection of people who install Symantec Snake Oil and those who shun Adobe Reader for alternatives, too small?

  • 1221 days ago via site
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saw something other than a cow in my 6 nimmt cards.

Bad tax office, no cookie.

  • 1326 days ago via site
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Douce France. I finally found a creperie! And a place that makes a decent Espresso, too!

Colin challenges fate and Sjur. We know how this will end. #ao10year

Hei Aftenposten, vaers├ągod ikke send meg til mobilversionen av nettsiden. Den er ubrukelig (se bilde).

  • 1472 days ago via site
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Hey, Microsoft! Your non-resizable EULA window is displaying 2 lines at a time. Do you need a visual designer?

  • 1483 days ago via site
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Wait, what? Who has floppy drives anymore? Why is this the only option?

  • 1510 days ago via site
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Look, mom! I'm in a Norwegian TV production! #lifeissurprising

  • 1519 days ago via site
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So... which plugin is this I am missing, NRK? Would you at least tell me? #NRK #fail

  • 1521 days ago via site
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Without Al Jazeera, where would I get news reports about Egypt? #BBC #fail

  • 1521 days ago via site
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I finally beat that game!

  • 1523 days ago via site
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How many more times will people get this wrong? Languages are not equivalent to countries. That UK flag, does it mean Welsh? Gaelic? What do I click if I'm from Argentina?

  • 1540 days ago via site
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Finally recovered from the revive and passed 20,000 points on T61

  • 2051 days ago via site
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The Astra has been to the shop and is just like new. Except for a little stinging sensation that is going to pass soon.

  • 2084 days ago via site
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My new office. It even comes with great capuccino.

  • 2104 days ago via site
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  • 2104 days ago via site
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Geography Fail on the EA jobs page.

  • 2124 days ago via site
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Can you guess what OS I am running? Dear UI designers, please stop doing this!

  • 2134 days ago via site
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