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I live in Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Canada. I am an advocate for seals and speak up for all animal welfare issues. I have an adopted pup called Mac.

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Beautiful coat on him not you. Trapping is cruel in Canada. No to fashion fur ! #fox #cdnpoli

  • 716 days ago via site
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Prison or unspeakable death? Informed public are our best weapons against these industries #CaptivityKills #taiji

  • 750 days ago via site
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#ALS needs to stop their experiments on mice and worms. We Animals are not the same as worms or mice

  • 758 days ago via site
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#Namibia No reason to beat baby seals to death No #Fashionfur They are too young to eat fish #ShameOnYou #Sealhunt

  • 777 days ago via site
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Not a rug, trinket or fashion fur. #polarbear #cndpoli

  • 777 days ago via site
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Your Voice is Important ! CNN & other media takes interest in social media Speak up for #cruel #Namibia #sealhunt

  • 804 days ago via site
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Only when we have become nonviolent towards all life will we have learned to live well with others César Chávez

  • 811 days ago via site
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Tory MP denies that climate change science is 'settled' Until they are all gone? #polarbear

  • 829 days ago via site
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Rapid reduction of sea ice level due to climate change hitting the population as hunting ground recedes #cndpoli

  • 845 days ago via site
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The barbaric #Namibia #sealhunt starts in July. Thousands of baby seals will be clubbed for fashion fur. #Nofur

  • 848 days ago via site
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The slaughter of #Namibia seal pups start in July. #Boycott #WeAreAGlobalVillage #sealhunt

  • 849 days ago via site
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Let your friends & family know that fashion fur for trim and trinkets is wrong. Speak up for #Namibia #sealhunt

  • 849 days ago via site
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Shout out to my new followers and friends in Russia. We will end this commercial #sealhunt for fur #cndpoli #nofur

  • 851 days ago via site
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I was accepted to Road Test EnOcean to track red urban foxes.

  • 853 days ago via site
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This Atlantic Canadian will continue to speak up for seal welfare A political driven hunt based on votes #sealhunt

  • 858 days ago via site
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Lack of empathy towards other living beings disturbing Seals are intelligent social beings #sealhunt

  • 860 days ago via site
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Speak up for those who have no voice. Fashion fur has no place in 2014! Say #Nofur to trinkets trimmings or coats

  • 863 days ago via site
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Five reasons not to wear fashion fur. Maybe a sixth reason in this picture. #NoFur

  • 863 days ago via site
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Happy Mothers Day ! Seals are social and intelligent beings. End #sealhunt

  • 869 days ago via site
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#mothersday in Canada coming up May 11th . Shoutout to all Mom's. Furry or human babies - we love you all #namibia

  • 870 days ago via site
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