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Never had a bottle dry up like this seche vite did. Nail vita topcoat is still going strong after 2 yrs.

Rolls her blanket into a ball when I'm not looking. All the time!

French toasting it up for brunch

My chin has not stopped erupting since week 3 of using Clarisonic. It has been two weeks since and counting; could be worse. Could be an entire face purge #scarythought


Second time in as many months

#duckfacegonewrong hhaahahaha do ya like mah new cap?! It's leopard print *peace*

Got this La Roche-Posay spf50 stick for 40% off yesterday when it probably shouldn't be included in the skincare sale. After one use, I can see why it's heralded as the world's best sunscreen #love

My lips felt like this today.

Catching up on gossip thanks to the BIL for bringing over a pile of magazines

Onto my third bottle of L'oreal leave-in spray. Strayed to Schwarzkopf recently - the one that smells like roses (so good!) - but it left my hair greasy and did nothing to detangle after a wash. This L'oreal stuff is liquid gold - any colour bottle will do. I've tried 'em all! #detangling #conditioning #hair

Starburst babies. The reds are my favourite, followed by green.

Free Clinique trial kit - I remembered using just the clarifying lotion throughout high school in place of cleanser. I thought it was the best thing EVER.

Excess under the arm appeared after first hand wash session and the gold zipper at the back is well...too heavy, pulling the front collar BACK so I feel strangled - but warm #CRfail #intothecharitybincomespring

EIGHT SHORT WEEKS TO GO! Will try to pack even less this time. I can do it.

Rocked up to work wearing leggings as pants today. Not even ponti leggings - I'm talking thin black ones from Supre. Top half is decent at least.

I do like the extra height it gives me but zippers keep coming down #alexa

Fwd: COOKIE SALE! $2 each ;D coming to a concrete driveway near YOU. Lol geddit.

half a size too small *cries* I'll keep the first pair. At least half a size too big won't cut off my circulation and big toe lol. Strangely enough, difference between a 5.5 and 6.5 is only 1cm! But my feet here look like it belongs to a midget!

It was a singlet under a tshirt under a sweater under a jacket over a scarf day today. Melbourne would approve #LayerItOn