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Eve Ensler brings crowd to its feet w/list of things she's over. "I'm over being afraid of vagina."

This Freedom of Speech Vagina sign upholds the American flag. #MIVagina

Another child who's smarter than Jase Bolger: pro-vagina AND pro-labor. #MIVagina

What thousands of autonomous women & the men who love them look like fr building named "Romney."

As sun starts to set, its like any summer theater--w/every 10th person wearing pink. #MIVagina

This "Pure Misogyny" is gonna hurt MI's brand. #MIVagina

The reading begins. The signers acting out words like monkey box.

Eve Ensler: Vaginas are here to stay.

Vaginas brought you into this world... #MIVagina

Canine vaginas represent! #MIVagina

Keep your mitts off my muff! #MIVagina

The generation arr gathering at #MIVagina

This is what missed. Any guesses on whose crotch it is?

Joe Louis thinks GE should pay their taxes too.

"To hell with greed." -God

The Fermi 3 Wheel of Misfortune. Spin to pick your catastrophic risk.

"We pay taxes, why doesn't GE?"

Anti-Fermi anti-GE.

A beautiful day for the 99% to tell Jeff Immelt to pay his fair share.

The peace sign is back again in the Grand River.

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