Emily Partridge


cartoonist / illustrator / generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair

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best tag ever

baby wants to come party

who wouldn't wanna hang with these cool cats

baby sheep thinks it's a dog / my hand is an udder

chode fiend?

baby fell into the sink. he's not very happy.

stress drawing

second wind time I guess? Roy lives again.

centrepoint mall: not sure what we're advertising

a classic Vancouver snowman

found these at No-Frills after years of searching

got an ebony pencil, 's influence. LOVE it.

Woody are you drunk again

thank goodness no man has ever called me stuipid.

squishy little hairless wrinkle baby

napkin doodles. very sober. being a DD: alright.

above the clouds, etc. today rules.

why yes, I DO intend to "shred some pow", sir.

eh heh heh heh heh

breakfast napkins with

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