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I love Jesus, mermaids, hugs, singing, art, MCR, LOTR, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and One Direction! #1DCougar Lilo girl ♥ Art account: @emmajradford :) x

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Went for a straight-up pinup on this one! :) (Working from reference) #drawing #pinup #prismacolor

Drawing some pinup girls tonight. :)

Mind the nargles! #LunaLovegood c:

decided to make it a bit fancier lol. Can you tell that I'm a hopeless romantic? xD

the colour is a bit off in this photo, but progress!! :3

look who I'm drawing! :)

Made a card to send to my sister, who is in Egypt right now! :) #plumeria #drawing #flowers #prismacolor

This always makes me giggle :') Oh, Liam

This is me todaaay! Please ignore my sad skin lol. Lookin' a little windblown! :3

First attempt at a sock bun, woo!~ c: Kinda messy lol.

Me with some of the beautiful little African girls who came with #Watoto to my church today. <3

Gerard agaaain lol. The purples aren't showing up for some reason. laaame #drawing #wip #GerardWay

"Live Your Dream"!! :) #Rapunzel

Definitely wasn't finished with this in time lol (still not finished!) but that's okay. :) #drawing #GerardWay

I probably won't have this done in time, but it's so freaking rad that I don't care lol. #drawing #prismacolor

Just remembered what shirt I have on today! :) #MCR #mcrmy

Sort of in love with this drawing so far. (It's my submission for Gerard Way's "art is smart" thingy!)


Sometimes I like this app, because it spells things the British way. c: (Which is also how we spell in Canada)

Closeup of the drawing I finished earlier! :3 Look at her freckles aw. #drawing #freckles #ginger #redhead