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I love Jesus, mermaids, hugs, singing, art, MCR, LOTR, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and One Direction! #1DCougar Lilo girl ♥ Art account: @emmajradford :) x

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I love this man <3

5/5 feels omg <3 cry with me

Go home, instagram/Google. You're drunk.

It's even more hilarious if you zoom in more. (I'm not actually on a boat... anymore.)

Instagram is so silly. Look where it says I am... and where I /actually/ am. Lol

look what I just saw!! :3 I made my dad take a picture lol. c:

I just found this picture on google and I am not alright Liam wHY


A girl in the Canada day parade has a seashell bra holla #MermaidLife

Luna here, just checking in to see how all you lovely people are doing this morning!? :) x

Sketching my friend Brayden ( ) at long last! I think it sorta looks like him... xD #sketch #portrait

I have problems. lol. #multiplepersonalitydisorder ?!

Oh hello, world! :)

Another wip of the drawing I started last night of Laura Lejeune! :) #portrait #drawing #prismacolor #wip

Late night doodles :) This is the lovely Laura Lejeune on youtube! #drawing #portrait #prismacolor #colouredpencil

Hey Liam girls, remember last night when- *dead*

Hair is in a bunnnn and my hands are just always in awkward positions lol.

Wheee new sketchbooks and other arty stuff! :)

At least it stayed kinda curly on the front. <3

This is my face today c: