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I do the whole music thing - singin' n' playin' n' generally making a fool of myself. I love my life.

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Our first (and only) injury- knee scrape. Eric is on hand for first aid.

Lindsey and Vince waterstopping it up!!

Finishing the race! Matt Ritter helps out.

Riley makes sure our kayakers are safe at the turnaround.

Off they go!!!

My sweet ride.

Trailering kayaks. Lord help us all.

Lil monarch drying its wings!


OLD FAMILY PHOTOS! well there goes the next hour.

The garden post-weeding. No longer an eyesore. Yay!

you can win this from a claw machine at marsh rd diner...

Tree frog!

Luna moth!

Somebody brought me this huge awesome spider. Probably a wolf spider...?

nerrrrrrd. retro recording at shanez.

The monarchs are here! So big and fat...

We had over 20 ppl out playing big booty :D philly!

Pretty muted clouds this morning.

and playing cornhole. Yay!