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Look who found an official pass... Can I leave work?? #CapsCon

My back is killing me but look what I haz...

I get tons of kisses from Diddy when he wants out of the bath.

Oh yeah. That took skill today at work.

My niece was so cute when she was little, shame she won't smile in photos anymore :(

Oh god. Now he's eating a cupcake. The nephew is a disaster.

Oooh I found my fav coasters!!!

Sir Didymus and I have a message for and today. LOVES!!!!

Small picture but this women is indeed wearing a Tshirt under her Ovi gear

Jealous? You should be. I'm killing it!!

2nd pd over, Russia leads 3-0 as Varly skates to the locker room. Solid goaltending by Varly #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

OVI's stats for the game thus far... 4:30 left in 2nd 3-0 #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

OVI SCORES!!! 2-0 #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

Better shot of Varly #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

Semin for everyone 1-0 Russia 7:50 2nd pd #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

Varly with a big save on a quick Belarus rush down the ice... #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

Varly turn this way... #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

They showed a fan holding jersey during Russian anthem at end of game. #GoRussiaGo #CAPS

In honor of Semin scoring goal exactly 1 month after his last. If his last was April 11th. 3:22 #GoRussiaGo #CAPS