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Shiny beacon of Internet intelligence mixed w/my crap. Smile, its good for you. Digital guy @AuctionDirect. Co-Founder @CarZar_app. #LBS Pro.

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Here's a few others in my photography folder.

Another great example of the corp. culture; they tin-foiled this guy's desk for his birthday!

is now the King of Conferences! #DSES

Just another day on the company tour! These guys know how to enjoy their time at work

talks of humanizing things. He does it best not caring his shirt sleeve isn't buttoned #DSES #real

. Hits the stage at #DSES - kicking it off fast & hasn't taken a breath yet.

The PCG section is expanding - thx for the Canada magnet!

Caught on stage owning #LBS #stealth #smacsrit

Found this, but it's weak; need to be able to give k, not just check it.

Thanks for sweet swag bag & - very nice!

"Mayoring":Slapping a sticker on someone's stuff unbeknownst to them. got me again. cc

. Got my preview copy of #LBM for Dummies too! Wow, page 211, you mentioned thx!

3 goals. 3 assists. I'll call that a Top-Hat Trick.

Too funny. Just got an interesting package from Brian. Pun intended. #fridgemagnets

New sticker that showed up on the fridge this morning. Whaaaat?

New Fiber. Boom!

'11 M3 w/only 1100 miles; took 1 week to sell from our mall store - lovely!

Talk to the sand.

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