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I look down for ONE MINUTE and BAM! Goodness math is a killer. #TrueStory

Thanks to for this awesome Altaïr outfit <3 #AssassinsCreed #Gaming #Avatar

What the fudge is this and what is it doing in my room?!

Hello I am Ezio Auditore and I am a ghost. #ACBrotherhood

Diablo 3 being tested in Köln, Germany. #GamesCom

Meanwhile in Denmark...

Special #FF this week goes to . Master of hearts. And something else that I can't remember.

I tried. And failed. The cape is pretty cool tho'...

That thing on the carpet is a dog. A very lazy one that won't even bother getting the ball. #dogs

The necklace (; it's soooo beautiful <3

What should I play?! Help!

Look what else we got. RABBIDS!! #Ubisoft #Rabbid #Rabbit


Oh look !!

Alan Wake - I'm ready! Let's kill some Taken! #gaming #AlanWake #BecauseWeRunOutOfBatteries

Having fun, are we Crew? #party #drinking

What, me? Scared? Nooo I always keep my flashlight near. Don't be silly.

Assassin's Creed: Demon Lady. That will be the name of AC4, where you will play as this betch.


Ooom nom nom nom!