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just telling the world how i feel.. i think alot of crap most of the time... but i think its funny.. i am my own comediene

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In central henny xo.. Champs n redbull!! Life can't get no better..yes it can.. KEBAB!!

Bus is rammmmed!!!

This is what I'm dealing with

Good ol' leg tat! Gonna get some more!

Big ass rainbow

Don't hate on my sweet game

These aint chicken! These my friend are STEAKS!!


Oh dear! What a big weener!

In the park in canada!! Shit they sell strongbow baby!

My belly is full!!! Straight canadian munch!

Voodoo man lol ghana u crack me up #wc2010

Voodoo man lol ghana u crack me up

African swagga!!!!

I have a worse ugh photo

Why would u wear ur uggs till it got this bad

Check the bottom of the foot WIDE!!!

How I miss Amsterdam!!!!!!!

Favorite chicken in Amsterdam woiiiii

Talk about craving for wings.. Bought the whole shop yum yum

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