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Hi, I'm Ellen Paige Phelps. This is my personal Twitter page. The opinions contained herein have a high probability of ticking off my mother. FYI.

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Phelps, J. "Self Portrait 2013." Stolen iPhone, no filter.

Mom: what's this picture about? Jake: Castles. And volcanoes.

Here's my problem w this: it's 1 thing to get a bit on your nose, but YOUR WHOLE FACE?

Ever had a day where you just feel like leaning your head against a wall? ...

My new follower (probably spam) isn't creepy at all! Not at all!

Awesome! Thx for the front page story about the newest Map the Meal Gap #s!

Mega church mission in "Central Asia." Focus: "Muslims." #MmmKay

This is clearly a man who enjoys food.

Super sad I'll miss this. Tigie was a treasure. (No cilantro or cucumbers allowed!)

This is the best gift ever. Thank you, !

I'm told this is worth 2 in the bush. Where is my prize!?

Saved this little guy from Killy Kitty's paws. Now what?!?

How I'm coping w 's departure:

The Gizoogle version of 's last tweet:

I think this is the most wrong the USPS has ever been. Wrong zip. Wrong city.

The photo w that hed. And the top story. Midland. I just can't.

Marfa roller derby!

What a proseco toast looks like in the desert. #Marfa

Leave me alone! I just want you people to leave me alone!

I've lived here 2 yrs & only just now got this is supposed to be "shameless."