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Beauty Lover. YouTuber. Blogger. Author. Mama to a pretty white kitty and to the #Ellevators (love you!)

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"I'm sad cause I want a coffee and mama won't let me stick my whiskers in her's :( Sometimes being a cat is SO hard"

anyone know where the gorgeous white jeweled dress that Amy's wearing on the new "faking it" is from? I'm obsessed!!

"oh nevermind, that didn't work. MAMA ALWAYS KNOWS!!! I fink it's naptime, yes?"

"If I tuck my head down and my tail in, she won't even know I'm here!!"

oh you know, just me and mama teasing each other with a grumpy piece of gum whispering "hush" #goodnightmoon

"I hunted all day and finally caught a feather and now I'm 'sahausted" -Pineconito Pahsghettio Fowler

Lolly Lolly taking a street selfie with a blurry man behind me #spooky oh hi #thoseshoestho

and u could earn coins and buy snowballs and throw them at bad guys. Look how sweet this lady looks selling snowballs

guys these are the kind of math things it taught me. 1+? = 3+3+3 and then you would get a trinket

missing my little cat Bella from home in TN... she doesn't appear to have eyes in this pic but they are bright blue

I put on lion king with subtitles for my deaf baby to watch/read (#lifegoals to be a cat king and all that)

Alas, it has become bedtime. Me and the albino puff are going to snuggle and get some zzzz's

Further evidence that Pinecone is a confused pigmy puff... this video at 6 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66pikkm8Xe8

I spy an #albinodino...

how is this a thing?

ZzzZZZzzzzz..... (there's an #albinodino in meh bed)

or B)

what do you think? maybe A)