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“If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.” ― Marilyn Monroe

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I fancy fixed the counter at work! ...after I broke it, of course. #ductapetotherescue #fancyfix #oops

I'm at sababa life and someone is giving away our ybk! Miss y'all!

Ordered myself last night and I'm obsessed with it. Perfect for all seasons! #inlove

In heaven at the beach

"I Really like that sour taste that only yogort can give" found me some yogort water. #pubLIZity

I want to get this dress so I can be twinkies with !! #katespade #newgirl

Hmm I don't think this is right since it was the former prime minister... Good job twitter

Omg I found this phone background on tumblr. It's real. I love it & that much more now #turtleface

Preparing myself for #newgirl tonight with this. If only it were real

Emily thinks she's with her new shoes

Emily thinks she's with her new shows.

Typical #bestfriends

This is what mine and my sisters conversations consist of

our dog is so maj. She's picking up fashion tips from watching . #idie #somaj

can't wait see lady antebellum rock the sa rodeo!!! #letsrodeo #soexcited

Rodeo with the bestie! #letsrodeosanantonio #southern #texas

Clearly I have the best valentine

Eating sushi is such a healthy route for me seeing to how it is just veggies. #nofish #fishsmells

Watching wedding speech for the 500th time. #amazing #mcfly

Sounds like a pretty good show. #lolz