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Taking my fav' person to see on Sunday (tickets are at the door, this isn't my attempt at forgery).

I'm just going to leave this here... :)

You kept this quiet :D

Look at the bag my friend gave me a belated birthday pressie in. What are the chances? :)

Hey , you've an awesome derby player named after you :)

Next Saturday. Come support in our final bout of 2013. #drdhome

Next Saturday takes on in Dublin. Can't wait!! #drdhome

And look, there's an awesome poster by 's Countess Mark Ya Bitch :D

Anyone in D7 missing a dog? Please share

First cup a tae in the new gaff. Feet up & ignoring all the unpacking I've yet to do.

I agree.

Forcing a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term = removing their rights to THEIR OWN BODY.

A woman's body is her own & no-one has the right to force her to be an incubator if she doesn't wish to be.

This Saturday. Roller Derby. Be there :D

If you weren't planning it already, you should totally get to 's bout against Paris on the 6th of July :D

Hey Hun. Any chance of a RT? It's 's 1st home bout of '13, a double-header against Paris :D

Thanks a million for the RT :)

Awesome poster for 's first home bout of 2k13 (a double header against Paris!!!) Come along!

Hey , I remember you were a fan of a poster last summer. Here's the latest :D