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8bb combines the finesse of a string quartet with the energy of a rock band and the audacity of a storefront theater company. Tweeter-in-chief: Tim Munro.

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Never leave home without them: tea, good book n iPod (Oz radio for my accent...)

The new miracle trains that will replace the comical train/bus thingies that help make Dulles the worst airport in America

Tis te season - octoberfest beers: avoid the Legend Octoberfedt, go for the Dogfishhead Punk'n Ale

It's 8bb cue-ing day - secret of our success: scratching unintelligible marks onto our parts...

Now don't go gettin too "jazzy" on me...

the Alb (and his hair) as guinea pig in alexander technique workshop at UR with Andy McCan

Celebrating the Alb n Andy McCan's violin duo attack at U of R - Berio n Wieniawski for one night only!

The great Edgar Meyer n co at Uni of Richmond this arvo!

Uni of Richmond, our second home: Beautiful one day, bloody perfect the next!

Dennys and Holiday Inn Express - together at last. Only in Lumberton, NC

Sweet I95...

Ah, republicans...

Planning world domination...via the medium of 8bb CD recording projects...

The Phot's home brew n business meeting - marriage made in heaven

About all a violinist is good for in the real world...

The glamorous life of 8bb...

Spacca Napoli n beer makes 4 hours of rehearsal studio cleaning more, um, palatable!


Gorgeous campus, beautiful new concert hall - they've got it good here!

They incorporated our logo n everything! Pretty!