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8bb combines the finesse of a string quartet with the energy of a rock band and the audacity of a storefront theater company. Tweeter-in-chief: Tim Munro.

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Our amazing intern Brian Malnassy, who is doing the mammoth task of updating our library... Ur awesome mate

4-day old communal bagels - why not disposed? well, who is official 8bb bagel trasher?...

Apparently there was an "eight blackbird day" in IL - Halloween 2002 - hilarious!

Berliner staatsoper dress rehearsal: 40 still n TV cameras for promo. Chicago Lyric dress today: 2 cameras...sigh...

One perk of a life on the road: hotel pens...

Any excuse to use garish highlighters!

I do love this town no.134: portable "chess party"

Local UPS store - clearly a canine-friendly neighborhood!

But I wanna have children...

"rustic" wash-tub for USC perf tonight - very US pilgrims...

At USC, Schoenberg is officially "atonal pioneer"...

Very impressed by DAILY student newspaper at USC

Just realized why LA buses run early - nobody catches them

USC students, pre-8bb "treatment"

USC prof n all around top bloke Don Crockett

The 98c Store - when 99c is just too much

"Service" button in a restaurant? Bizarre...must resist urge to buzz!

Since we're honorary USC-ers this week: GO TROJANS!!

Nick n cello made it - 2hrs late but in one piece!

Welcome to USC!!