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Father. Geek. Timbers & Thorns supporter. Liberal. Gun owner. I write about Portland soccer, computer security, and politics. Tweets are my own, not employer's.

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How I'm keeping up with the match during my bike commute home… #rctid #BluetoothHeadset #FoxSoccer2GoOniPhone

Baby ducks!

Um… WTF? Was someone surfing the creek?

Ah… This is nice.

Yup, here's my "yard", 30 min bike ride from downtown:

Yup, here's my "yard", 30 min bike ride from downtown:

Oh, you goofball… #HackingTheGibson

That's what you get for having a wife that Tweets Also, I love the timing: 37 seconds then 37 minutes.

. are even more awesome than I ever realized…

My Tweet history… First year was almost all contest entries, second year about 25%, then it blew up.

Least impressive fraud attempt ever…

Lease impressive fraud attempt ever...

My iTunes movie library... #RippinTheMoviesFromTheDiscs

Yeah, thanks AT&T… 4G my… (Screenshots taken at same place.) Thanks T-Mobile for turning on HSPA+ on iPhone freqs!

Because GIF is word-of-the-year, there's now an asylum camp for other graphics file formats?

Thank you to all the veterans, especially those in my family, past and present.

Nope, not a Travelocity gnome, just my sister's garden gnome. #YesTakenWithMyiPhone

Remembering my grandparents; Navy Radioman, Marine Drill Instructor, Army Aviation Cadet.

Our office coffee/cappuccino machine's version of "PC Load Letter". Completely wrong error for what's going on.

P.S. Proof has been kissed:

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