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Heart nails :)

My life won't be complete until I own this game (& the wii version) #obsessed

Yes yes, beating the Sinnoh pokemon league really is this important to me (': #tablesandlists

Wore my new floral garland today :) looooove it! :)

Just received the nicest package in the post :) Thank you so much :) xx

I don't know what shaped creature these are supposed to be but I bet they are tastey #weirdcrisps

Oh hai clothes/nail varnishes/basically all our belongings sprawled everywhere >.< #messyflat

My actual life at the moment (':

Devouring these as we speak #fatty

Thank you can't wait to wear these ^_^ xx

Chocolate muffin & iced coffee?!?! Yeshhhhh pleashhhhh :)

Watching ghost adventures on ze iphone again lol gotta love Aaron (': #fave

How amazing is this packaging?!?!? Thank you :)

Oops :O #latenightbinge

I posted on lookbook ;) http://lookbook.nu/look/3438745

Yay I have mermaid nails :)

I posted on lookbook :) http://lookbook.nu/look/3430189

Late night brew

Today I'm wearing my venice beach tee :) love iiiiiiit! :)