13 and young. cause i dont wanna be old. single. cause being attached is too mainstream. weird. casue being normal is too boring. here's a flyinkiss. :*

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie date with mum. ;)

Bought 6 cups of ice cream. Hehe :')

Justin bieber when he was a baby. Ah fucking cute. :')

Somone pls tell me how cute my baby justin can be. Hehe #fangirling here :')

Babysitting my younger bro is quite fun actually. Its just that he's irritating in an awesome way. :')

Youngest sis jakon dapat beli air. Hahah :')

Ok i was looking through sis rack amd found this; quit slacking and make it happen. LOL im a little motivated.

Pictures that i printed for art. Hehe for me, nikki, heefzaan & ye cheng. :')

Babysitting my youngest sis is actually fun. Haha #RetardFace. :'b

Having this while studying science. ;)

Oh hi. Its me & my bro. :3

So there're like many drawings on my textbooks. :b

Youngest sis. She wanna practice being a... Model. Haha :')

Ok i found this. I MISS US<3 LOVELY BIJes :* :')

Elder sis 15th birthday today. happy birthday lovely bij mwa :*

1D & JB. Sis birthday cake. :b

Uh great and now i have this stupid plaster thing on my hand. And its gonna stay there for 5 days -.-

Syahmi bought me sticky ;) & in a day, its almost finished cause all the cute people smuggled some just now :b

Having lunch & listening to songs on sis laptop. #np- we are never ever getting back together. ;)