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Obama, Cameron, and Thorning-Schmidt's selfie at Mandela's funeral: Michelle Obama is not amused!

  • 988 days ago via site
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Oh boy, I've really put my foot in my mouth this time.

  • 1016 days ago via site
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The Greek ASE has more than doubled in the last twelve months after bottoming at 471

  • 1203 days ago via site
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Here's the chart: The Nikkei 225 is up almost 70% in exactly six months of Abenomics.

  • 1203 days ago via site
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The Reuters George Soros Obit has made it into the Google cache where it lives on!

  • 1225 days ago via site
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A leaked picture of the new Samsung Galaxy Super Mega? It's better than the Mega!

  • 1234 days ago via site
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If you notice, Putin is giving this protester calling him a dictator a two thumbs up sign. Merkel is horrified

  • 1235 days ago via site
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This Cyprus thing has me thinking of this scene in Scarface ALL the time. "You too, Mel."

  • 1252 days ago via site
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This is what Germany's fiscal picture looked like for the past 18 years.

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Cyprus fulfilled the Maastricht criteria pre-crisis and never had a public debt problem until now

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Germany's debt to GDP has been rising almost since the euro began http://ow.ly/jkjhw

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Ireland cut debt a lot in the run-up to the euro in 1999. Govt debt to GDP was 48.5% then. Now it is over 106%

  • 1252 days ago via site
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Bank of Cyprus, Laiki and the Cooperative institutions have 67% share of the Cypriot banking market

  • 1255 days ago via site
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As seen at the ATM cash point in Cyprus today

  • 1255 days ago via site
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This graphic from Jeffrey Gundlach is telling me it is highly contestable whether QE "leads to" lower long rates

  • 1255 days ago via site
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Good infographic from Reuters and on the level of periphery bank deposits relative to 2009

  • 1256 days ago via site
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Like Spain and Ireland, Cyprus met the 60% Maastricht hurdle before the crisis, while Germany did not.

  • 1257 days ago via site
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Herman Van Rompuy and friends with the Peace Prize. So what do you think: do they deserve it now?

  • 1257 days ago via site
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Japan's domestic private balance is the mirror image of the government balance minus current account. Familiar?

  • 1346 days ago via site
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This is what I expect to happen with the US budget. It won't look this pretty though.

  • 1350 days ago via site
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