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Software developer at @tailwindapp. Puppeh momma (Rory/Aurorable). Knitter. Reader. Music lover. Nerdfighter. Pens fan.

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Triple threat day.

Welp, that makes sense. Hello, ragweed. We meet again.

Rilo Kiley Radio for the drive home was a solid choice.

"Can't move, Mom. Gotta pant."

Also, I was not the only one to spot in 's slides. #casualcreeper

This is how the girls of communicate at the #SpositoWedding.


About to celebrate with the rest of the Hadley clan!

Meep! #LetsGoPens #BecauseItsTheCup

Yes, I did take that Buzzfeed quiz while waiting to take off. Yes, I did laugh in understanding. Oh, Buddy Christ.

Guess what I just found on my phone! National Siblings Day outtake. (w/ ) #nerds

Music therapy continues! : too big for Instagram. Viva la sad loud?

Fail. “Gotta save Sven, Mom!” You’re blocking the tv, pup.

Our NYC devs flew to OKC just to assemble ’s new ping ping table. They’re so thoughtful that way.

Can I just hibernate until Thursday, please?

Well aren’t you a dangerous pup? Good thing I can swivel out. Throat declares tea time!

*cough* *cough*

Brunchity brunch.

Rory got a squeaky octopus for Christmas & has been carrying it around like a teddy bear for 2 days. New best friend!

Sweet, turkey juicy victory!