Two syllables, not three. Proud Canadian. Erratic favouriter. Polymath. Enthusiastic eater & drinker. CPG digital marketer. Or is it marketeer? idk.

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People saying the ‘heat' has broken perhaps have a different understanding of ‘heat’ than I do.

Not a popular night to eat out I guess.

Not sure what the point of #hashtagging your emails is #irritating

for sure - here you go!

Not sure what I’m supposed to do with this in the iPad version of your magazine New York Mag.

. ad served beside it is unfortunate RT : You can get one like it at Walmart. Walmart.

you going to check this out? Pokpok supposed to be incredible.

Oh gee thanks Amazon, I will treat myself with an articulating mount!

Democracy plaza. Hmm.

It's been a long week.

I love America! Woo!

Farewell Meepster. You've been fun.

Hmm. What should I wear today?

Oh yess chicken thigh sandwich at my DESK. #bestdayever

My fav bartender is trying to kill me. This is Rye.

Never a good sight at Newark.

I get the feeling Miles isn't thrilled about moving.

Audi VIP cars illegally parked in front of the office. At least they aren't idling. #TIFF12

My decision to lug my giant umbrella along today turned out to be wise!

Bitters drawer smells so niiice. Cc: