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The guy behind 'One Piece At a Time' - rotating art rentals, a photographer based in London ON, a supporter of all things artistic and a maniac on the floor.

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Me too! Selfishly because I have lovely penmanship ;)

Here. Where are you?

Great t-shirt!

Me too!

Of course they're fasionable!

Skate pic for you. Taken at Kensington awhile back.

Bowl On, man!

Yes, took my daughter out for some bowling.

Guess what I'm doing?

See myyyy loa-fers former go-phers... #simpsonsref

But they're nice shoes, no?

You're kidding right?! Dollarama...now with hip flasks!

I got it! Thanks again. :)

Chubb-e. (can you tell that I'm bored?)

Shadow-e. man from a shadow-e. planet.


(last one) This store was cool, can't remember the name. Last time I was there they were closed though.

Hey. When you get to Queen & Jones say hi to Alexander for me. Check for the graffiti ;)

Nice! Was going to snap that Amish(?) couple too. Did you see this gem?