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I make the interwebs go mobiletastic! I'm a long haired geek. Developer for @Dabr @QRpedia. Husband to @summerbeth. Work in @TheLab_UK. All content personal & ©

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Chilling with Scott of :-)

The fundamental problem with promotions on FourSquare...

Mayor of #Woking and manager of Barclays were rather reluctant to be photographed together #libor

QR vs NFC - wonder which gets the most usage?

Perhaps it's time for me to re-launch my X Marks The Spot QR posters...?

Wonder how long it will take KCL to update their display?

WARNING! has a soldering iron and a cocktail. What could possibly go wrong?

Hard to go wrong with pizza, beer, and developers. Stereotypes, I know - but no complaints yet!

Not a bad line up for tonight!

Leftover barriers causing problems for disabled people trying to alight from bus.

Juggling is magic :-)

Android's Chrome help text hasn't been updated for its mobile version. Google lack attention to detail in these matters.

Another #roadblock for

Whoever designed the error messages for Barclays PingIt is a dope. Wtf does this mean?

Looks like Santander is getting nervous.

The latest update to the Galaxy Nexus contains help links which 404. FFS...

The Android teams really need to start eating their own dogfood.

My data usage at #ota12 may have been a bit excessive...

Looks like my #OTA12 hack isn't terribly power efficient!

Jatrobot looks like a high tech vampire slayer. #ota12