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I make the interwebs go mobiletastic! I'm a long haired geek. Developer for @Dabr @QRpedia. Work at Telefonica - but all content personal & ©

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Well, after 90 minutes on hold cut me off. No idea if my cancellation or refund is happening. No longer care TBH.

The hold music on is *epic* #StockholmSyndrome

Oh , is this really how long it takes to cancel an account? Still waiting.


It's talking about her journey & #CPeurope

Ah, but is it art? #CPeurope

Our 3D printed brain is done :-) #CPeurope

It looks like is enjoying his 3D printed brain #CPeurope

We had stop by our 3D printer #CPeurope

Looks like is impressed #CPeurope

Another satisfied customer from O2 Germany #CPeurope

Oh look! is watching our TARDIS print #CPeurope

Hey #Campuseros, can you guess what is 3D printing? #CPeurope

odd logo

Making some minor technical adjustments to the #3Dprinter

IT'S ALIVE! #3Dprinter

Geolocation nomenclatural misunderstandings

Attention America: these things should *not* be used in conjunction...

My fortune cookie says you should worship me as your god!

Possibly the best photo I've ever taken. Bees and Rhinos at Seneca Zoo.