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W.I.P. "Oblivious Destroyer" (Everything but the glove is CC) - I wanna turn this into a class. Just gotta get the codes from the Pyrolord Class and learn how to animate things again. I have a few ideas heavily inspired by Miltonius' animations.

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I got really passionate about this cupcake. Worth it? Definitely. #AmySWAG

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W.I.P. Might make it CC. You choose!

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For this one I'm going to be a viewwhore *clears throat*: "Claymore of Possessions" RT, FAV & COMMENT XOXO <3

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Adept of the Shadows - Male and Female! This is the first armor I'm going to suggest in almost a year. Let's see if I'm lucky. (: RT? No? NO?! YOU'RE NOT DOING IT?

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So.... pointed out that the katanas were facing the wrong direction. I didn't notice that. So here's a fix. [FINAL VERSION]

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It's finally here! "Rogue", my newest design. You can help by giving me feedback or retweeting it or both. Or... That's pretty much everything you can do. If you want to see all the details, click Full Size to see the full 3000x3038 image.

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When I was starting to make the arm, I was thinking about leather. Now I'm thinking about wood. Which one is better?

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Tell me which you prefer. This is gonna dictate the next part of the armor. RT if you can, please.

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Rogue W.I.P. 50% DONE. Check Full Screen to see all the details.

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W.I.P. update.

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After the latest hiatus, I'm finally back. With a female armor, which I don't make that often. I'll probably finish it by tomorrow of later this week.

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So uhm... I made this for my Twitter as a header, but it turned out it wasn't centralized. I have no idea why you would use this, but anyway, there you go. (CS5+ Only)


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Since you asked, , I started a new project. Chaos related too, but not as bulky.

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Not sure about the arm. Suggestions?

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W.I.P update. Teeth download: http://tinyurl.com/BloodyTeethFLA

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It's going to take some time...

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Haven't done anything in a month, so I decided to work on a mage-type Chaos Lord. This will probably be animated and will have his own attacks too.

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IT'S FINISHED! Finally. Please, leave a comment! I'm not going to ask you to retweet it or fav it. That's Rev. Everything except for the black parts are CC.

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