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Recommended by both my psych, and herself. So.

My kids are more taken with this thing than they should be, considering we have an ACTUAL POOL.

Last day I have to pack All The Lunches! Happy almost summer to meeeee!

Here is a child who loves getting her hair blow-dried.

Wow. No, Kroger. Just "no."

I have ten minutes alone before Mark goes to work for the night. Hence, THIS.

So, here's a thing we're trying today.

Reading to his sisters. Never gets old, never ever.

My current view. :)

Dentist accomplished, free iced coffee (decaf! don't judge), free peep donut. Spring break is off to a good start.

Friend texted this pic of a classroom door at our church. Almost a month early! I strongly disapprove. I'm annoyed.

Someone fell down and is sad. Someone else is secretly guiltily enjoying the sad snuggles.

Most critical grocery purchase today.

Funnest most adorable back scratcher ever.

Child labor. About as efficient as you'd guess.

No really. Melt melt melt melt melt.

hmm file this under Things I Don't Hate. and are the bestest.

Ashley and Charlotte, Charlotte and Ashley.

Sound asleep! I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you. (Yes, the beach house decor is... something.)

They've never shared a bed before. Fingers crossed? #bumgarnerbeachweek

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