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Ok: which one of you did this? Ha!

BILASA: CONQUEROR OF KITTIES…has had their Wikipedia page conquered.

So sorry! Thanks for sticking around We'll have more live chats soon. Signing off with the NASTY RAINBOW! *schwing!*

Well that settles it. I guess I HAVE NO CHOICE but to go to this pub:

According to, yes: RT : Do you like The XX?

Woot! We're on Daum!

We're on the front page of Naver again. Woot!

We give you 100 points for determination, but it still just counts as one vote:

Just tried Vegemite for the first time. Will not try it for a second time. I thought it would taste like CHOCOLATE!!!

Just realized GD's newest tattoo was done by J.Mi…who also did my feet! GD's tattoo:


I am very sad :(

Teen TOP's new photo: have fun explaining this to your friends who aren't into kpop!

Martina's new hair: what do you think?

Every year for our anniversary, I wake up Martina by playing this song...on loop:

Cool! Go to See something you might know?

We'd like to thank our translators, JB&Annie, Javiera, Maria, Franziska, Michelle, for making this possible:

Here's a quick snap of our new apartment. We'll post a video on it one day :D

LOL. We suck at giving presentations. Here's the last slide from the speech we gave last night: VIVA LA SPUDGY!

Looking over the votes that came in last night and laughing very, very loudly:

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