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I'm just here because all the cool people told me to be.

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Double OT.

Just hangin at the CD release concert for . Dudes rockin it, as usual. #underthemistletones

And this is me glaring at you on my phone.

And this is me glaring at you on my phone.

Stogies with = great end to the weekend. , you were sorely missed. Also, fine piece of ash.

I. Hate. Thanks for pointing out the bad link.

I. Hate.

Just hangin on the dugout with . No big.

I'll see your Strongbow and raise you this.

First game ever as a local with ? On a Wednesday? For ten bucks? I mean, if I HAVE to...

Tasting Easy Mac cups for work. Yeah, my lunch > your lunch. Also, #SarahYoung rules! #kraftFTW

On a lighter note, happy National IPA Day. #noonsomewhere #craftbeer

is about to get Loko. Stay tuned, Twitter verse.

Yeah, this is happening.

Been waaaaay too long since I've seen this sign. #LBI2011

The face of pain. #strugglefest #roadtrippin2011

300 miles into PA. Smiles a must? and I no longer qualify. Also...he's seizing. No bueno. #roadtrippin2011

You know you're in Ohio when... #roadtrippin2011

JEEESUUUUUUUUS CHRIIIIIIIIST! Let's hope he's better at ministry than he is at WoW.

Mom's only friend on the ride home. #pegslosingit

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