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Does anyone take Stephen A. Smith seriously?

The Jets Talk Spree cast is trending as a hot show… It was great last night. Watch the replay -

Who is joining me and tonight at 8:30PM EST tonight for a spree cast??

Do they make this in green?


…and of course I had to screen capture it because they will be correcting but this is funny.

Nah… it doesn't look right. #Manning

It's official… We'll be doing this every week! #Jets #Talk #Spreecast

#NickFolk is trending on twitter #Jets

How crazy is this… All three are off the Colts.

I'm finally taking some time to really learn this graphics program…. Here is my first stab at it. Thoughts? #Jets

Leon Washington's house is nice… #JustSaying

Do u know how I know this is a fake?! Rex did away with the captains patches!


not bad for a first cast… Look, you got 19K views on your channel in one hour. #KingMedia

How most #Jets fans feel RIGHT now about Mulligan not getting an offer -

I'm at my sons concert. Can you pick him out? It's kind of obvious.