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My beautiful Tita's, fun cousin's and friend's came back from Alaska.. Welcome to the paradise #PHILIPPINES :P

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tapos?? anyari?? ehehe yabang neh.. got my license my dear.. Good Evening everyone..

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ahaha thank you for this nice gift's i received this Happy New Year.. lol #GiftGiving #BestMemories2012 #LOVE #HOPE #HAPPINESS #2013

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wahahaha FOOD!! FOOD!! .. Happy New Year !!! #BestMemories2012 still keeping a healthy meal.. even if its #HOLIDAY :P

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T-BONE steak for a Happy New Year .. YUM! YUM! Dig in! #BestMemories2012

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#lunchtime I've cooked a Chili garlic Chicken for lunch.. and then... taraaaaannn!!!! it all gone in just a few seocnds.. BOOM! Have a Blessed Sunday!!

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yhup yhup here it is my new hair cut actually its not new.. but there is a funny story behind that picture ahah #MentionPerfection Last Sunday of 2012

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im dying to have this... grrrrrr,... http://www.sweetpatticakes.com/

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I MISS GOURMET MAGAZINE! It isn’t funny anymore. A year or more without them just isn’t the same. They were SO MUCH BETTER than Bon Appetit, that more populist publication with generally less appealing recipes and articles… Thank goodness for SAVEUR, which is really finding its stride lately, making up for some of the vacuum left by Gourmet’s departure. I can’t pinpoint the problem exactly, but if I had to make a sweeping generalization, it is that Gourmet Magazine was targeted at folks comfortable with either U.S. coast, the East or the West, and anyone who lived in between that probably felt equally at home on one of the coasts… Hardly anything in between, otherwise. Whereas Bon Appetit reaches out to a broader audience. I almost always found a couple of recipes in each issue of Gourmet that I wanted to try, and when I did, was often very happy with the results… but that isn’t the case with Bon Appetit… I was browsing through a March 2011 issue of Bon Appetit and spied a simple sounding espresso pound cake with cranberries and nuts. We have a veritable bounty of dried fruits and nuts that came in balikbayan boxes over the past two weeks, so I was on the lookout for potential uses.

I made them on a slow Saturday morning. They turned out looking terrific. Very photogenic.

But they didn’t look like the photos in the magazine, nor did they taste fantastic, in my opinion.

Even after a day where the coffee flavor seemed more intense, I’d say the cakes were just a 7.5 or 8.0 out of 10 maybe…

I did substitute walnuts for pecans but that shouldn’t have made the difference between a wow and a hohum…

…mind you, with a cup of tea or coffee and slumped down in front of the television, it wasn’t inedible. :) But if I had to take a wild guess, Bon Appetit’s photo wasn’t of a real cooked cake as one would have made at home. I suspect some food styling hocus pocus given their bizarrely perfect and even hued dissolved light brown glaze… Original recipe here if you still want to try it…

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