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Hot-dang what a deal! #Groupon

also my gmail thinks you're important or something

Woh woh woh wait... post it one more time just in case

MT : Welcome our newest team member, Tim Thompson. He will be handling new accounts for for !

I'm not a grammatical wiz, but is that hyphen doing anything other than saying he's the best thing god did?

doing client updates on their hubspot website and suddenly....

it was showing in the new spotify activity bar


sometimes the steam messages I get from scare me --

It's true, is a Pun Master

this sums up most conversations I've ever had with anyone outside of the creative industry (via )

Hahahaha, my gmail is PEFECT right now #webDevelopment #Errors

this is by far my favorite grandma of all time forever ()

reason I don't have a twitter feed on my website: stuff like this

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